SpaceCorgi ($SCORGI) Integration, the world’s first dog waste removal app, is excited to announce the upcoming integration of SpaceCorgi ($SCORGI) as valid option of payment for your waste removal subscription. Scoopers always aims to be on the cutting edge of technology to provide customers with the best user experience possible. Cryptocurrency payment requests have been a requested feature by many Scoopers iOS subscribers as cryptocurrencies become more commonplace and easy to use. While traditional payments via Stripe will continue to be supported at this time and in the near future, SpaceCorgi integration will have a strong presence in the app and will be utilized for the Scoopers Rewards and Referral Program, in addition to helping facilitate transactions between subscribers and local scoopers. Additionally, the pet service industry increasingly start to incorporate SpaceCorgi and other cryptocurrencies, close integrations will be possible between Scoopers and online retailers, groomers, and veterinarians.

The upcoming adoption of SpaceCorgi payments is another example of how Scoopers continues to raise the bar in the Pet Services-Technology industry. Moreover, by adopting this method of payment, Scoopers can help accelerate nation-wide expansion. Having launched in select cities across Nevada, California, Ohio, and Colorado, Scoopers expects to enable services in up to 100 more cities by the end of 2021.

Learn more about SpaceCorgi on the official website.