– The app that picks up your dog’s poop and deodorizes your yard is a new subscription service app that dispatches a professional pooper scooper to your home to clean up after your dogs and deodorize your yard. Scoopers visit anywhere from once to three times per week, depending on your subscription level, to perform dog waste removal services, deodorize, and even refill water bowls.

Launching in three beta cities, including San Fransisco, Las Vegas, and Omaha, is very much real. While an app that cleans up your dog’s poop might sound like the epitome of “Silicon Valley solutions for Silicon Valley problems,” there are actually over 500 local pooper scooper companies that already exist in the United States, many of which belong to organizations like the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws). is designed to improve communication and facilitate easy financial transactions between “Scoopers” and “Poopers,” and includes features like “In Progress” and “Completion” notifications, easy automatic payments, real-time chat, and a one-click cancellation policy. is part of a growing industry of pet services-oriented smartphone apps, with popular applications like Rover and Wag boasting tens of thousands of users and valuations of hundreds of millions of dollars as many Americans embrace a new culture of cherishing their pets as essential family members.

With traditional pet waste removal companies, opening a franchise could set you back nearly $40,000., by contrast, is intent on removing the barriers of entry for wanna-be professional pooper scoopers, turning an expensive legal process into a simple Uber-like signup form. By removing these barriers to entry, the end consumer can benefit from cheaper, more affordable pooper scooper services.

While anyone can become a scooper, you must first pass a background check and undergo basic safety training. Professional pet waste removal may sound like hard work, but it can be just as lucrative; Scoopers operate on their own schedule and can earn up to $45 per hour.

If you are interested in signing up or learning more about, you can pre-register to receive $10 off your first pickup here. Services begin March, 2020.