Benefits of Being a Scooper

Pet services is a rapidly growing global market that has proven to be robust even against economic downturns — so how can you benefit from this booming economic staple? Now, with no previous experience and little to no investment, you can earn up to $45/hour as a Scooper performing dog waste removal services for residents and businesses in your city.

As a Scooper, you are your own boss: you can work at the pace that is right for you, at the hours that are right for you. There is little training required, prior experience is not essential, and you can get started in as little as one week. It’s easy and simple to perform pooper scooper services for up to 3-6 yards per hour, earning over $10 per yard.

  • Earn up to $45/hour
  • Work your own hours
  • Participate in a growing industry
  • Be your own boss
  • Little to no investment

Why Scoopers?

A number of other professional dog waste removal services exist nationally: what makes Scoopers different? Why not operate as a franchisee for another national brand?

First, opening a traditional franchise can cost upwards of $40,000 in upfront investment. Next, you would need to manage and absorb marketing expenses and administrative overhead. On top of all of this, the franchise would continue to take a large cut of your earnings in perpetuity.

With Scoopers, there is no upfront franchise fee to get started. There is also no administrative red tape or special licenses required to become a Scooper. To qualify, all you need to do is pass a background check and own a smartphone compatible with the Scoopers app (any iOS or Android device will work). With the Scoopers app, you can:

  • Automatically handle client billing and payment collection
  • Communicate seamlessly with your clients via chat or voice
  • View your upcoming and past earnings
  • Get GPS directions and easy navigation steps to every client
  • Automatically alert clients when you are on your way and when the service is complete
  • View entry notes regarding gate codes or key access

Best of all, you can get started with Scoopers in less than one week. Scoopers does not require any upfront investment beyond a few basic supplies and the cost of the background check; instead, a small administrative percentage is collected from each pickup.

How to Become A Scooper

To become a Scooper, simply follow these steps:

  1. Understand enough dog psychology and body language to operate safely and protect yourself.
  2. Obtain the required equipment, including disinfectant spray, gloves, pooper scooper, waste bags, and a means of transportation. A complete list of recommended equipment can be viewed here.
  3. Apply and pay a small background check processing fee. A Scooper admin will be in touch shortly to finalize the onboarding and provide instructions to get started.

Enroll now and get started with Scoopers in less than one week! Apply today.